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10 Questions: Phil Carr of the Tri-City ValleyCats

What can you tell us about your position as Account Executive for the ValleyCats?

Tri-City ValleyCatsMy position as Account Executive is a very rewarding position in the sense that we aren't selling boring house hold items, we are promoting entertainment. When people hear Tri-City ValleyCats they get really excited.

How did your internship with the ValleyCats prepare you for the Account Executive position?

My Internship prepared me in many different ways, I knew who everyone was in the office, I know about the ballpark, the product, and the brand a little more. I didn't have to learn all of that when I started my position.

What are your goals for the team moving forward?

My goal is to help the organization in whatever way possible. We really focus on our "Creating fans for Life" idea, so getting fans out to the ballpark is our biggest goal.

How long have you been a baseball fan, and what was your favorite baseball team growing up?

I have loved baseball since I was two years old, and my favorite team is the Atlanta Braves, probably because they were always on TV so I just became a fan and love the fact that I like an out of state team.

Did you play baseball when you were younger? If so, what position?

I did play baseball when I was younger, in fact I played two years at Hudson Valley Community College. I played mostly pitcher and some third base when I was younger, when I was at HVCC I was just a pitcher.

Have you always wanted to work for a sports team, or was this just an opportunity that opened up?

I have ALWAYS wanted to work in the front office for a sports organization. Obviously the opportunity needs to be there first, but it has always been my dream to do what I'm doing now, and why not? My office is a baseball stadium.

What can you tell us about the ValleyCats players when they're off the field?

The ValleyCats players off the field are a fun group of guys. Some don't think about it much, but they are all 18-23 years old so they are kids sometimes. Working with them last season was a great experience.

Who or what inspires you?

If you asked me 9 months ago who or what inspires me I'm not sure if I would have a clear answer, but now I would have to say my soon to be son. When I think times are tough, I just think about him joining us and what the future holds.

What is your favorite sports movie?

My favorite Sports movie is Major League and Major League II.

Who is your favorite baseball player of all time?

My favorite baseball player of all time is Ken Griffey Jr. Random I know, especially because he was with the Mariners when I was young and I'm a Braves fan.

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