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Virtual 2021 Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade is an annual tradition that attracts hundreds of spectators who come to watch as the parade travels throughout the city. For 2021, the in-person parade has been canceled, but the event organizers have announced plans for a Virtual Parade that will kick off on Friday, March 12.

bagpipers marching in a street parade

2021 Virtual Parade Info

Due to pandemic-related restrictions, the 2021 Albany St. Patrick's Day Parade will be a virtual celebration of its 70th year.

This year's Parade Day will include a mix of Parade history (including the North Albany Limerick Parade), tons of memories dating back to 1951, interviews with each of the 8 Parade organizations involved in the Parade, guest speakers relaying their personal Parade Day memories, and, of course, plenty of Irish music!

The Parade will be aired on YouTube. The link to the Parade will be on the Parade website starting March 12, 2021 at 3:17pm:

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