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Albany Parking

With so many restrictions, limitations, parking meters, etc. it can be difficult to know where to park in any city. offers a little inside knowledge to help you find a parking spot in downtown Albany!

Albany NY Parking signs

Parking in Albany is now more convenient than ever before. The addition of parking meters that accept credit cards and allow for extended stays (extending the time limit from two hours to 10 hours) makes finding spaces to fit your needs easier. The Riverfront Garage is also now open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except for major holidays. The garage has close proximity to downtown Albany and has direct access to Jennings Landing (formerly known as the Corning Preserve) via a pedestrian bridge.

Are you a local living near a popular restaurant or business that doesn't have enough, or even offer, parking? Can't find a spot within a few miles to park your own car when you get home from work?

Visiting Albany and can't find a parking lot?

Like people that live in or visit many cities, the folks that come to Albany NY to live, work or play tend to bring their ever expanding cars with them. So when driving into and around Albany, it helps to know where to park and the rules of parking.

Parking Lots in Albany NY

There are plenty of parking lots within the city of Albany. Over 20 in fact. This helps to raise the total number of parking spots within the city to over 22,000. This includes a number of garages that offer spots by the month and by the hour. Parking garages are spread out throughout the city, with two of the more popular being right next to the Times Union Center and under the Empire State Plaza.

If you are visiting a college or university in Albany, there typically is parking on each of the campuses. However, just like the city, there are rules for the different parking lots and you should be sure to follow them in order to keep order and safety in tact on the campuses. And to stay away from a parking ticket or tow.

And to make sure that any hassles that you run into when you are parking your car, always remember where you parked!

Of course, if looking around for a spot is too much, you can always ditch the car and rely on public transportation (which Albany has plenty of), a bicycle or your feet.

Find Albany Parking Lots & Garages

Street Parking

Some of the streets offer free parking, and if you find some near where you are going, take it. In downtown Albany, you'll find that most of the streets offer metered parking. A good note here is that the meters only need to be fed Monday through Friday, 8am - 6pm. The Albany Parking Authority's multi-space meters make parking more convenient and eliminate the need to carry coins. The multi-space meters accept credit and debit card payments using Visa, MasterCard and Discover, in addition to coins. Rates gradually increase the longer one parks. The meters extend the two-hour parking limit to 10 hours.

As in most cities, Albany NY does not allow double parking, and this law is strictly enforced. Most parking and street rules (like street cleaning) are clearly posted on the side of the roads. If you follow these signs you should be in good shape.

Albany has been known to declare a snow emergency during bigger snow storms. It is important to be aware that this could happen and be on the lookout for a declaration if snow is in the forecast. During snow emergency situations, the parking is allowed on an even / odd basis; the appropriate side of the street to park should be announced.

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