22 Albany Holiday Traditions to Try This Year

Start a new tradition this year! Holiday traditions with the family give everyone something constant to look forward to and memories to look back on fondly for years to come.

Whether your family is just starting out or you're trying to reconnect with loved ones, beginning a new holiday tradition is a great way to bring the family together. Check out these 22 holiday traditions below, and choose one your family will enjoy.

a little kid's hand making shapes in dough from a cookie cutter

  1. Watch a holiday movie together as a family

  2. Have Grandma or Grandpa read the kids "The Night Before Christmas" (or another holiday story)

  3. Make and decorate gingerbread houses

  4. Bake and/or decorate cookies together

  5. Light the menorah together every night of Hanukkah

  6. Spin the dreidel

  7. Enjoy a hot cocoa night

  8. Go to your place of worship as a family

  9. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen

  10. Make a charitable donation in lieu of / in addition to gifts

  11. Sing carols at home or go out caroling

  12. Visit a senior home or hospital

  13. Have a family member dress as Santa

  14. Mysteriously have a bag of joke gifts appear each year

  15. Play a slideshow of pictures from previous holiday celebrations

  16. Put on a festive puppet show

  17. Decorate the home together with lights (or go out light sighting)

  18. Pick out and/or cut your own tree and decorate as a family

  19. Do a holiday craft together

  20. Plan a day / evening of local holiday shopping as a family

  21. Attend a local parade or annual holiday event as a family each year

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