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21 Holiday Traditions to Start With the Family This Year

Start a new tradition this year! Holiday traditions give everyone something to look forward to and memories to enjoy for years to come. Check out these 21 holiday traditions below and have a wonderful time with the family.

cookie making
  1. Watch a holiday movie together as a family. A few ideas: A Christmas StoryMixed Nuts, Home Alone, or Elf.
  2. Read the kids The Night Before Christmas the night before Christmas - or, start a tradition with a different holiday story, like The Polar Express.
  3. Make and decorate gingerbread houses together.
  4. Bake and/or decorate cookies together.
  5. Light the menorah together every night of Hanukkah. Even if you don't typically celebrate this holiday it could be a great chance to teach your children about other cultures.
  6. Spin the dreidel. Again, even if you don't celebrate Hanukkah, who cares? It can still be a fun game and tradition!
  7. Enjoy a hot cocoa night. Play games or just talk while partaking in one of the most beloved Christmas beverages.
  8. Go to your place of worship as a family.
  9. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or with a food drive.
  10. Make a charitable donation in lieu of / in addition to gifts.
  11. Sing carols at home or go out caroling.
  12. Visit a senior home or hospital and cheer up those who need it this season.
  13. Have a family member dress as Santa for the kids.
  14. Mysteriously have a bag of joke gifts appear each year. Gag gifts are fun!
  15. Play a slideshow of pictures from previous holiday celebrations. If you have a Chromecast you can show pictures from your phone or computer right on the television.
  16. Put on a festive puppet show.
  17. Decorate the home together with lights. Or, take a drive together to see where the best lights are in nearby neighborhoods.
  18. Pick out and/or cut your own tree and decorate as a family.
  19. Do a holiday craft together. Find crafts for tree ornaments and more at a local craft store.
  20. Plan a day / evening of local holiday shopping as a family.
  21. Find an annual holiday event to attend this year.

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