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Albany Business Itinerary

Albany skyline

Find yourself heading to Albany? "For business or for pleasure?" Who says it has to be one or the other? Discover all the ways to make your business trip in Albany feel more like fun than work!


How often to you get to sample fine Italian cuisine at home? Or be daring with some spicy Indian foods? Or discover what exactly it is that is served at Ethiopian dinner tables? Unless you or your spouse is an award-winning chef, the answer is most likely not often. So why order room service when you can go out and enjoy some rare delectables in addition to friendly service and a variety of relaxing to exciting atmospheres? Browse Albany's extensive list of dining choices and choose at your leisure!


Each city has its own particular characteristics, events, and venues you cannot find anywhere else. Why pass up the opportunity to see what you will not find elsewhere? Take an unplanned stroll down Lark Street and Empire State Plaza, where attractions and excitement will be sure you drag even the most overworked business traveler into having a good time.

Taking a break

If the speed and noise of the city feels overwhelming, try visiting some of Albany's parks - retreats designed exactly for that kind of mood. Washington Park in the downtown area is close to several attractions and restaurants, making it a prime picnic area or rest stop. Several events are held in the area on a regular basis, and even without all the excitement a visitor can enjoy the appeal of nature in the middle of an industrial city.

Seeing a Spectacle

With more than one unique venue in the city, Albany often finds itself as a concert tour destination for both big names and rising stars. With several concert arenas, from The Egg to Albany Riverfront Park, you will hear music that spans the sound spectrum. Also be sure to check out what is playing at Albany's Palace Theatre, which hosts many types of acts including musical performances and comedy stand-up. In nearby Schenectady, Proctors Theatre is a venue for several Broadway tours each year on the Mainstage, in addition to smaller shows and movie showing in other areas of the building. And for the sports fan, Albany is home to a few local teams and, incluindg lacross, baseball, and hockey, with regular professional seasons to watch and enjoy. Look up who is playing near you, and go and chee rfor your favorite Albany sports team! Be sure to find out what is going on at these places - it might be something you do not want to miss!

Joining in the Fun

There is no hyperbole when someone says that there is always something going on in Albany. Just peruse a list of events in the area and the point will be proven. With activities happening at all hours for all interests, finding something to do is a cinch in this city. And there is not need to hit the hay when the sun does. After business hours are over, wind down or rev up with the local nightlife crowd.

Taking a Journey

Albany's Capital region encompasses several other cities, towns, and villages all worth the short drives to visit. From nearby Troy to a bit farther off Old Forge, the many day-trip destinations from Albany are all rewarding and allow a traveler to thoroughly familiarize with the region.

However the free time is spent outside of meetings and project group meetings, there is no excuse for any traveler not to have a good time in Albany. Business and pleasure can go hand and hand easily when in Albany, NY!