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Enjoy the Outdoors at Schenectady's City Pools & Parks

Looking to get outside and have some fun in the City of Schenectady? There are many public parks and city pools throughout the community for families and friends to enjoy. Below we've highlighted key info about the sites as provided by Schenectady's Parks and Recreation Department.

Cool Off at a Local Pool

swimmer in a pool

Central Park Pool
Monday to Friday, 12:30pm to 6pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Front Street Pool
Mondays to Friday 12:30pm to 6pm, Saturday 12pm to 6pm

Hillhurst Pool
Monday to Friday , 12:30pm to 6pm, Saturday 1pm to 6pm

Quackenbush Pool
Monday to Friday, 12:30pm to 6pm, Saturday 12pm to 6pm

Schenectady Pool Rules

  • Ages 0 - 5 must have adult in the pool with them
  • Ages 6 - 10 must have an adult on the pool deck
  • Ages 13 and older must have photo ID
  • Ages 20 and younger at Front Street, Quackenbush, and Hillhurst must fill out a registration form
  • Pools are operating at 75% attendance

Check up-to-date info from the City of Schenectady here:

Take a Walk Through a Schenectady Park

a rose garden in a park

Visit one of Schenectady's many parks! Here are the locations:

  • 10th & Webster Park - Located on 10th Avenue/Webster Street
  • Carrie Street Park - Located on Carrie Street
  • Central Park - Located on Central Parkway
  • Fairview Park - Located on Fairview & Campbell
  • Front Street Park - Located on Front Street
  • Grout Park - Located on Hamburg Street
  • Hillhurst Park - Located on Campbell Avenue
  • Jerry Burrell Park - Located on Hamilton & Schenectady
  • Kailberg Park - Located on Lenox Road
  • Landon Terrace Park - Located on Landon Terrace
  • Liberty Park - Located on State & Washington
  • Michigan Avenue Park - Located on Michigan & Norwood
  • Mt. Pleasant Fields - Located on Norwood Avenue
  • Orchard Park - Located on Orchard Street
  • Pulaski Park - Located on State & Nott Terrace
  • Quackenbush Park - Located on Forest Road
  • Riverside Park - Located on Washington & Ingersoll
  • South Avenue Park - Located on Park & South Avenue
  • Steimack Park - Located on Cutler & Davis Terrace
  • Steinmetz Memorial - Located on Wendell Avenue
  • Steinmetz Park - Located on Lenox Road
  • Tribute Park - Located on Eastern Avenue
  • Vale Park - Located on Nott Terrace
  • Veterans' Park - Located on State Street
  • Wallingford Park - Located on Congress & Fifth
  • Westinghouse Park - Located on Broadway & Guilderland
  • Woodlawn Park - Located on Kings Road
  • Woodlawn Preserve - Located on Gifford Road

For more information about these pools and parks, contact the City of Schenectady Parks and Recreation Department at 518-382-5151 or visit their website.

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