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Prepare for Retirement & Active Senior Living in the Albany Area

The Capital Region surrounding Albany is a great place to retire for many seniors. Learn more about the many opportunities for seniors to get the most out of their retirement in Upstate NY by enjoying active senior living. The area is filled with fun things to do, places to visit, and sights to see!

older man riding bike

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Activities once reserved for younger, more athletic adults have in recent years gained popularity with retired senior citizens and those that live in senior living communities. More and more senior citizens are enjoying an active and fitness-filled lifestyle by participating in activities such as cycling, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and more as part of their daily routine.

"Active aging" is a term used to refer to this type of active lifestyle for senior citizens. Many of today's younger senior citizens are aging baby boomers who are not interested in a sedentary retirement. The days when senior citizens filled their time with shuffleboard and flower arranging are gone.

Retirement communities and independent living communities in the Albany area as well as across the country are seeing an influx of people aged 55 to 65 who are choosing to move into these types of environments. Individuals who choose to live in these communities are deciding to because they can easily connect with other individuals who share their same interests and also plan to maintain an active lifestyle. Many of these individuals are also active volunteers within the community.

Due to increased demand from seniors who are interested in maintaining active lifestyles, many retirement and independent living communities have started to offer more and more activities, events, and services to make it easier for their residents to enjoy an active senior lifestyle. As the baby boomer population continues to age and retire, expect to see many more of these services and activities implemented in retirement and senior living communities in the Capital Region - and beyond!

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