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A Guide To Understanding Senior Healthcare in Albany NY and the Capital District

There are many healthcare facilities and services available to senior citizens in the Capital Region and surrounding Albany NY area, making it a terrific place for aging individuals to settle down. The Albany area is home to many accessible treatment facilities, physicians, surgeons, therapists and specialists for a range of conditions and ailments that affect senior citizens. There are also numerous geriatric care doctors in the area who specialize in meeting the specific healthcare needs of senior citizens in Albany NY. In case of emergency or if more intensive treatment is necessary, there are various local hospitals and urgent care centers, many of which are renowned for the high-quality, experienced care they provide.

senior healthcare in albany NY

Many seniors are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid, which help cover healthcare costs. These two government programs can be very complex and difficult to understand. In the links below, you will learn some of the basics about Medicare and Medicaid to help you navigate the senior healthcare system and better understand which options are best for you.

senior citizen consulting pharmacist in albany NY

Understanding Medicare

Learn more about Medicare.

Understanding Medicaid

Learn more about Medicaid.

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