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Benefits Of Sending Your Kid To Summer Camp In Albany

kids at campWant to avoid hearing your child say, "I'M BORED" this summer? Give them what they want - a summer vacation full of new activities, friends and fun. They'll find all that and more when you send your kid to summer camp in Albany! There area a variety of options for summer camps in the Capital Region, and you and your child can both enjoy the benefits!

Top Reasons Your Kid Will Love Summer Camp

  • Fun - Leaders make sure there's always something fun planned for each day at summer camp. From swimming and sports to arts and crafts, your child will be able to sharpen their skills, try new things and have fun doing it!
  • Friends - Your child will be able to connect and interact with new friends at summer camp. It's a chance to find new playmates they might not have otherwise met and learn about their different backgrounds. These friendships can last a lifetime.
  • Camp Experience - Particularly at overnight camps, children find a sense of community that almost mimics their future college experience (without all the homework and partying, of course!). It's an experience they can grow from and an adventure they will never forget.

Top Ways Summer Camp Benefits Your Child

  • Exercise - Your child will be involved in swimming, sports and all sorts of activity at summer camp. Though it seems like fun and games to him/her, it is also helping to keep them in shape through the summer months when there is no gym class.
  • Structure - To maintain order, each day at summer camp is scheduled and structured. Your child will learn the discipline to follow a schedule and stay organized within a group setting.
  • Learning - In many ways, summer camp is a great learning experience for your child. New games, new activities, new social skills and a newfound independence are all things you can expect your child to learn while away at camp.

Top Benefits For You, The Parent

  • Discipline - Often your child will listen better to a camp leader because they look up to them as a role model, rather than an authority figure. When your child gets into the habit of making their bed, doing things for themselves and listening the first time at camp, it will make it much easier when they return home.
  • Free Time - Of course you love your children. And of course you will miss them at camp. But, realistically, who couldn't use some free time during the summer to get the extra yard work done, run your errands, invite friends over or simply relax without the worry of kids in your hair? Summer camp can help rejuvenate you!
  • Connection - You may be surprised how much summer camp can actually help you and your child become closer. Writing letters back and forth can help you establish a new connection with each other. And as they say, "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder," you are likely to miss each other and have a very special emotional reunion when summer camp is over.

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