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The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Albany, NY: What to Know & Where to Go

Have you heard about the 2024 total solar eclipse in Albany and the Capital Region? Although the city is outside the path of totality, Albany will experience a deep partial solar eclipse with a magnitude of 96.6%!

Find out what that all means, where to see the solar eclipse in Albany, and mark your calendar for Monday, April 8, 2024.

phases of solar eclipse

The Partial Solar Eclipse in Albany

A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers part of the Sun during an eclipse. A deep partial solar eclipse indicates that the Moon will cover a significant portion of the sun.

In other words, the 2024 total solar eclipse will still be a memorable and striking event for the Albany area!

The Path of Totality in the Adirondacks

lake by mountain and trees
Schroon Lake, photo credit: Alban Nudi

The path of totality, that is, the areas where the total solar eclipse will be completely visible, runs through most of the Adirondack Park. Lake George and Ticonderoga will experience a near total solar eclipse, similar to what we'll see here in Albany.

tupper lake area in the adirondacks

Adirondack municipalities that fall within the path of totality include but aren't limited to Blue Mountain Lake, Crown Point, Elizabethtown, Indian Lake, Inlet, Keene, Lake Placid, Long Lake, Minerva, Newcomb, Raquette Lake, Saranac Lake, Schroon Lake, Tupper Lake, and Wilmington. 

Staying in Albany? Here's What to Know

Where to View the Eclipse

A solar eclipse is best viewed outdoors in a wide, open space, away from buildings and artificial light. Certified eclipse glasses are critical for safety, even for a partial solar eclipse.

In Albany, we recommend:

Local Places to Stay

albany marriott hotel room
Marriott Albany

Here are some places to say, two of which are close to one of our recommended places to see the eclipse:

More Fun Things to Do

In early April, the weather is just starting to warm up in Albany, and there are plenty of things to do indoors and out:

Visit the New York State Museum - If you're bringing kids, check out the carousel on the 4th floor.

cohoes mastodon at the new york state museum

Explore the Lark Street Neighborhood - Find galleries, boutiques, and dining hotspots in and near Lark Street.

lark street neighborhood, madison avenue, albany

Hike or Walk Through an Albany Area Park - Wear appropriate boots for mud season.

the great dune trailhead, part of albany pine bush preserve

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If You're Making a Day Trip to the Adirondacks

mountains and water in the adirondacks
Photo credit: Town of Long Lake

The Adirondack Park is a day trip away from Albany. Schroon Lake, for instance, is in the path of totality and is just under 1 hour, 30 minutes from Albany. Long Lake is just over 2 hours.

kids watch eclipse with special glasses

Find eclipse events in Albany and even more eclipse events in the Adirondacks.

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