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Get Tattoos, Body Piercings & Tattoo Removals At These Albany Area Tattoo Parlors & Salons

Looking for a reputable and artistic Albany tattoo parlor or salon for your next tattoo or body piercing? The following businesses in the Capital Region blend industry expertise, talent and precision to deliver a superior product. Many now offer tattoo removal services as well. Browse the listings below, read the reviews and decide which tattoo service is best for you. 

Modern Body Art
Albany, NY
Located in Albany, Modern Body Art has a team of award-winning artists with unparalleled skills in tattooing and body piercing. Th... [+More]
Lark Street Tattoo
Albany, NY
Lark Street Tattoo has been serving the Albany area since 1993 and is one of the top rated tattoo parlors in the Capital Region. Y... [+More]
The Curly Wolf Tattoo Club
The Curly Wolf Tattoo Club doesn't want customers to just get in and get out to move on to the next tattoo - they want to work wit... [+More]
Shocker Tattoo
Albany, NY
Shocker Tattoo on Lark Street in Albany strives to inspire their clients while being inspired by them. You can look forward to the... [+More]