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General Information About Summer Camps

Are you considering sending your child to one of the summer camps in the Albany area this year? While there are many obvious benefits of summer camp, you should also learn what to expect and educate yourself about common misperceptions about summer camp. Use this information as a guide to get started in the planning process!

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Many parents rule out summer camp simply because they assume it's too expensive. Actually, prices vary considerably between summer camps. Fees can range from $20 a day to $120 a day. Still sound unaffordable? Many camps offer scholarships and discounts to families that qualify (even at private camps). Also, nonprofit organizations sometimes offer summer camp at little or no charge. Explore summer camps in the Albany, NY area to find one that fits your needs and budget.


Overnight camps (also known as sleepaway or resident camps) are great for children to get the full summer camp experience.

Sports camps are a wonderful way for your child to get some great exercise and sharpen their skills over the summer.

Afraid your child isn't ready for sleepaway camp? Day camp is a great option for children in their early years into their teens (some accept children under five). Day camps also offer the same caliber of outdoor and arts and crafts experiences.

Special Needs

If your child has a physical or learning disability, don't rule out summer camp! Many camps in Albany and surrounding areas take steps to accommodate such campers, with trained staff who can offer your child the same summer full of fun as any other young girl or boy. Research local summer camps, and add this to your list of questions to ask the camp directors.


If it's your child's first time at camp, it is likely that he or she might feel homesick. Many children go through some separation anxiety at varying levels, but most of the time, it is not a cause for concern and they overcome their fears in a matter of days. Learn how to handle homesickness if you are sending him/her to a sleepaway camp this summer.

ACA Accreditation

If you are concerned with the responsibility of your child's summer camp, look for one that is ACA accredited. These camps must meet nearly 300 health, safety, and program quality standards, and there are many summer camps in the region that are ACA accredited.

Early Registration

It is important to do your research and explore summer camps as early as possible. Many parents spend the winter touring facilities and meeting with camp officials to find a summer camp in the Albany, NY area that is right for their child. It's a good idea to get an early start and secure a place for your child while there is still availability. Begin exploring your options today!

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