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Falls View Park - Cohoes

Unveiled on August 21, 2008, Falls View Park has become a point of pride for the city of Cohoes. The four-acre park is located adjacent to the Brookfield's School Street Hydroelectric Plant on North Mohawk Street and offers a spectacular view of the roaring Cohoes Falls.

a big waterfall with what looks like a power plant next to it

The meaning of the word "Cohoes" is debatable, but many seem to believe that Cohoes means "the place of the falling canoe."

When Native Americans populated the Cohoes area, a tragic accident happened at the Falls. A family of Native Americans were canoeing the Mohawk River in the spring, when the water is highest and the current strongest. The family approached too near the falls and was swept over by the violent rapids. The father survived, however his wife and child were killed in the accident.

Today, Falls View Park is enjoyed by all who wish to utilize of the scenic spot. There are upper level and lower level views of the park. The upper level includes a 192 foot pedestrian bridge that brings visitors to the heart of the park, as well as an 80 person amphitheatre, picnic area and several fishing platforms.

To access the lower level of the park, visitors must walk down a steep stairway (NOTE: this is physically strenuous for some individuals). Here, there is a fishing platform and a viewing deck of the falls located at the back of the hydropower plant's powerhouse.

Falls View Park is a beautiful area - a great place to get together with friends, picnics or a shady place to read a book. Did you know Cohoes Falls is regarded as the second most beautiful cataract in New York State, after the Great Niagara Falls? Now that Falls View Park is open to the public, take advantage! Check out the majestic Cohoes Falls - breathtaking during any season.

Things to Enjoy

  • Fishing
  • Waterfall Overlooks
  • Hiking
  • Nature Trail
  • Recreational Programs
  • Picnic Tables & Pavilions

Winter Fun

  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Snowshoeing

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