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Albany NY and Capital Region Senior Living

Although the term "senior living" has historically been used to refer to senior housing communities, the term has more recently grown to encompass the full range of products, services and activities that make the lives of senior adults more rewarding. Learn more about the different types of senior living options in and around Albany, NY.

Independent Living

If you're a senior, making the decision to move into a more managable place may not be easy at first. Learn more about independent living and the opportunity it provides for seniors to remain independent, but have fewer household responsibilities.

Learn More About Independent Living in Albany NY

Home Care

Home care provides seniors with home healthcare, non-medical care and even companionship. It allows seniors to maintain their independence and continue living at home.

Learn More About Home Care in the Capital Region

Assisted Living

Assisted living is for seniors who want an independent lifestyle but may require assistance for individual needs. Individuals in assisted living communities can still enjoy an independent lifestyle but have peace of mind knowing that their specific daily needs are taken care of.

Learn More About Assisted Living in Albany

Nursing Homes

Finding the best nursing home can be a difficult process. For those involved, it can be a new emotionally and financially challenging endeavor. Nursing homes are for those who can't be cared for at home but don't need a hospital. A nursing staff will be on site 24 hours a day.

Learn More About Nursing Homes in Albany NY

Memory Care

Memory care is for those who have been diagnosed with memory loss and who need help with areas of daily living. While memory loss is usually associated with Alzheimer's Disease, it is also associated with dementia, which is the loss of memory from brain trauma, stroke or a degenerative disease.

Learn More About Memory Care Services

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