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Albany Area Companies Providing Residential Solar Energy Panels

The following companies install solar energy panels on residential homes in the Albany NY and the Capital Region area. Harness the power of the sun and lower your reliance on gas, electric and fuel oil, which often fluctuate in costs and can make heating your home expensive, especially during the cold winter months. 

Vivint Solar
Albany, NY
With three plan types, Vivint delivers affordable clean energy solutions to homeowners across the US.
Albany, NY
Providing homeowners in the Capital District a way to reduce their energy footprint while saving on their electric bills. Incorporate solar as a clean, renewable source of electricity into your home today.
Albany, NY
Making solar energy accessible to low-to-moderate income families with no credit or minimum income requirement. Go solar and save on your energy bills.
Kasselman Solar
Albany, NY
Specializing in both residential and commercial solar panel installation, Kasselman Solar helps customers throughout the Capital Region save money, increase their property value, and reduce carbon emissions.