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Fundraising Organizations & Foundations That Support Nonprofits, Charities, and More in the Albany Area

The Albany, NY area is home to a variety of fundraising organizations and foundations that are committed to supporting nonprofits, charities, and other significant causes. By collecting donations and hosting fundraisers, these local organizations and foundations make a positive impact in the community.

The Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation
Troy, NY
The Troy Savings Bank Charitable Foundation is an independent private foundation that continues the legacy of the Troy Savings Ban... [+More]
Schenectady, NY
Based in the Capital Region, Fundabilities is a local crowdfunding source for all your fundraising needs. The organization connect... [+More]
Northeast Health Foundation
Albany, NY
The Northeast Health Foundation was established to attain funds and resources needed to support the delivery of quality healthcare... [+More]
Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region
Albany, NY
The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region works to improve the quality of life in the region by promoting and facili... [+More]
The Schenectady Foundation
Schenectady, NY
Created by local community leaders, The Schenectady Foundation raises funds to support initiatives that will directly benefit the ... [+More]
NYSAR Housing Opportunities Foundation
Albany, NY
The NYSAR Housing Opportunities Foundation helps individuals become homeowners through financial assistance to both individuals an... [+More]