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woman holding a pool cue You don't have to be a good player to have a good time!
girl shooting pool while a guy and a girl talk in the background Playing pool is a great way to meet new friends.
group of friends standing behind a pool table The APA of Greater Albany/Saratoga has been connecting pool players for over 20 years.
man shooting pool The league welcomes people of all skill levels to play and have fun.
pool tables in a large room with people around them Enjoy playing weekly pool with a team made up of friends, family, or even coworkers.
man preparing to use pool cue Pool is offered at venues throughout the Capital Region.
8-Ball Team National Champions. Remember, everyone can play, and anyone can win!
two pool cues, a white ball, and several cubes of chalk on green felt Sign up today to get started!


The American Poolplayers Association of Greater Albany/Saratoga is the largest pool league in the Capital Region, serving over 800 members, and over 150 teams. This pool league is geared toward beginners who enjoy playing pool with others.

Editor's Note (9/21/2020): As of this update, league play has not yet resumed. If you are interested in forming or joining a team, check out the list of divisions below and reach out to the league office.

Love Playing Pool? Join the American Poolplayers Association!

Don't let the name fool you. The American Poolplayers Association (APA) of Greater Albany/Saratoga is part of the world's largest amateur pool league. They use a handicap system that allows players of all ability levels to compete on a fair playing field.

In fact, the league is always ready to welcome new people, especially less experienced players who just want to get out of the house and have fun. They're not looking for pool players, they're looking for people who want to play pool. Everyone can play, and anyone can win!

How Does It Work?

The (APA) of Greater Albany/Saratoga typically offers three league sessions each year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). A session usually lasts 15 weeks plus playoffs, and each session features multiple divisions. You and your team will sign up for one division and compete on a weekly basis for end-of-session awards, cash, individual awards, and the ultimate prize, a chance to compete in the APA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas.

Players can choose their favorite pool hall, bar, pub, or tavern and create their own team of friends, co-workers, and family members. The league can also help you find a team with an opening.

Teams are made up of 5-8 players on a roster, and only 5 players shoot each week, so there's flexibility and players don't have to commit to shooting every week if they don't want to. The cost is $9/match ($45 per team) each week. The APA also offers Double Jeopardy, which means teams play five matches of 8-Ball and five matches of 9-Ball each week. Costs for Double Jeopardy divisions are $8/match ($80 per team) each week.

Explore the Divisions Currently Being Offered

Looking to form or join a team? Below are the divisions currently being offered, including the date, time, and location for the weekly matches:

  • Sunday Double Jeopardy @ Trick Shots - 12PM
  • Sunday Ladies 8-Ball Travel Schenectady - 12PM (Ladies Only Division)
  • Sunday Double Jeopardy @ Golden Cue - 5PM
  • Sunday 9-Ball Travel Schenectady - 6PM
  • Monday Double Jeopardy @ Golden Cue - 7PM
  • Monday Double Jeopardy @ Trick Shots - 6:30PM
  • Monday 9-Ball Travel Schenectady - 7PM
  • Tuesday 8-Ball Travel Albany/Rensselaer - 7PM
  • Tuesday 8-Ball Travel Schenectady - 7PM
  • Wednesday 8-Ball @ Trick Shots - 7PM
  • Wednesday Double Jeopardy @ Trick Shots - 7PM
  • Wednesday 8-Ball Travel Albany/Rensselaer - 7PM
  • Wednesday 8-Ball Travel Schenectady - 7PM
  • Thursday 8-Ball Travel Saratoga Springs Local - 7PM
  • Thursday 9-Ball Travel Schenectady - 7PM
  • Thursday Masters Division League Wide - 6PM
  • Friday 9-Ball @ Golden Cue - 6PM
  • Friday Double Jeopardy Travel Schenectady - 7PM
  • Sunday Juniors Division @ Golden Cue - 2:30PM (Ages 5-17)
  • Friday Juniors Division @ Trick Shots - 6:30PM (Ages 5-17)

In addition to the weekly divisions, the APA hosts special tournaments that active league members can sign up for.

If you would like more information on the divisions and teams, please call or send a contact message today!

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American Poolplayers Association of Greater Albany/Saratoga

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